One day in Brussels 

Entrance to the European ParliamentLast week I spent a couple of days in Brussels, and I had the chance to get into the European Parliament. Although there is a few things to visit in that city, I didn’t have the chance, since the meeting lasted all morning, and only could go from the hotel area to the Parliament headquarter.
When you arrive to the mail building of the Parliament, in Louxemburg Place, you can have breakfast in one of the coffee shops, indors or even outdoors, depending on the weather conditions. The entrance is big and quite awesome. It used to be a train Station, all the way to Louxemburg.

Once you get inside, you’ve got the feeling of being in a burocratic center, almost in an airport, with wide ways and some cafeterias in several corners, and almost no ornaments or decoration, quite impersonal. The meeting room we stayed at inside the Parlament was quite modern and confortable. Headphones in each seat for translation, wide chairs and big tables. Very proffesional, very functional too. 

But i did had the chance to go for a short visit inside, watch the press area and the television set, some other meeting rooms, the coffee and restaurant where the parlament’s staff go and of course, the hemicycle, a yellow room in circle, very big, and the 28 flags of every country member hanging. That same week, they were duscussing about the number and percent of migrants from Syria each European country should received. Let’s hope God inspires such decitions.

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