Felipe, our new King

Felipe-VI, Rey-de-España-tras-la-renuncia-de-Don-Juan-CarlosToday is a very special day. Besides being my birthday, since today we’ve got a new king of Spain, so a lot to celebrate this year.

I grew up with a tall, handsome and good looking Prince, that one day would  become a King. That day has come today. After only 20 days from he surprising abdication of Juan Carlos I, Felipe has become a king of Spain at his 46 years old. “God save the King”! His father had been king since 1975, for 39 years now, quite a long time, practically the whole democracy age in Spain.


But today the focus was in Felipe VI. The King’s speech for the proclamation has been impeccable, it couldn’t have been better. The day before, being asked by some journalist about the speech, we answered kindly and with certain irony: “Any ideas?”.

reina-letizia-rey-felipe-primer-discurso-rey-espanaHe said everything he had to, mentioned everyone he needed, and didn’t miss a thing or issue. Was solemn, correct, humble, nearby, emotive. He has named his father and his mother as the legacy of Spanish history, also the terrorism victims, and all citizens that are suffering the consequences of the crisis. He even mentioned Cervantes and his “Quijote”. His emotion was palpable, he had to clear his voice a few times to continue speaking. It’s been a very emotional morning, watching a historical moment and the love of our Royal family.

Letizia was by the King at every moment, that girl I meet at University, right in my class un Journalist at the Complutense. That girl that tried once to apply for “delegada”, mediator between the students  and the proffesors, whom I share some chats and coffes with. By the way, she lost the election in favour of my friend David Pérez, nowadays the Major of Alcorcón. She’s finally learned, after 10 years of marriage, that she shouldn’t not interrupt her husband, and she kept in a discreet background, with no crown and no diamonds. Good choice for today. She and Felipe were both showing the affection among them and their two children, Sofía, and Leonor,  7 and 8 years old, that one day may become the Spanish queen in this same Parliament. The two girls were very surprisingly profesional to thier age. They remain seated and quite all morning, shaking hands with Presidents and all authorities.

Los reyes saludan desde el Balcón. Juan Carlos, Sofia, Felipe, Letizia, Leonor y Sofia

The Queen Sofía was as usual perfect at her place, the most admired member of the Royal family. Se received a couple of very much deserved applauses. Her daughter Elena was beside her and about to start crying.

Weather you are monarquic or not, today we have seen in Felipe a kind and ready King, very “well prepared”, probably the most common adjective for him, and a beautiful family around him. You can say that nowadays is anachronistic that someone becomes King with no other merit than to born of a king, but certainly, Felipe has done his job to be there.

Congratulations His Majesty, and happy kingdom. God save the King. The future has stated today.

 ¤ I write this un English, so that foreign people, English speakers that follow me, can undestand this and know how we’ve lived this event from Spain.
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  1. Frederico says:

    Feliz cumpleano ! (sorry a little late, but was away on vacation 😉

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