Trumau (Viena)

This small village is 30 Km South West of Viena (Austria) and belongs to the Baden district (where Bethoveen lived in early XIX century). Trumau has only 3.400 people living there, a bar, the Cafe Welt, a church, a supermarket, a school and a bank. It is sorrounded by exuberant nature, stables of horses, a river with a big lake and fields of grass and sunflowers. Trumau in Austria is a lovely place for some days of retirement or study, although not much to do around for city people. I hope you like these pictures.

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2 Responses to Trumau (Viena)

  1. Orsolya says:

    Beethoven no es austriaco, sino alemán. Nació en Bonn.


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