Take a Hike in Madrid

This is the first post I write in English, since is dedicated to all the foreign people living in Madrid or even visiting my city.

There are lots of books about Madrid in English, on topics such as tourism, art even the villages around the city. But till now, there wasn’t a book about the hikes you can do in the mountains all around.

Thanks to my friends Beau and Cynthia, we have that book now. They both have been going around Madrid for a year and finding out more than 100 different routes to go on a hike, all in outdoor paradises. They thought they could write a book about it, and after a year of compelling all the information, here we have their book “Take a Hike in Madrid, the Best 50 routes in the Community of Madrid”, published by Ediciones la Librería. You can buy it in Internet.

La Pedriza, Navacerrada, Abantos en El Escorial, Chinchón o Patones. These are all beautiful villages with routes to go on a hike and make a perfect day trip. They are all reachable by public transportation and most of them are medium difficulty, which means you need to be fit, but no special preparation.

They also organize a hike every Sunday for foreign people, although they are open to everyone, no matter what age or nationality you are: English, American, Portuguese, Autralian and of course, some Spanish people too, though we have to speak English the whole day, and that is a plus to improve the language and to exchange cultures. The cost per person is 12 Euros, and includes the route guide, the meal –with fruit, chips and chocolate, besides de sandwich- and a beer or soda in a bar afterwards. Very reasonable price.

I highly recommend to buy this book and encourage to go on a hike one of these Sundays with them. Just take some water, a good equipment (not necessarily hiking boots) and sun lotion if you think you can get burn. You’ll find out the routes they talk about and above all, enjoy people’s company. You will love it so much that you would repeat the experience. Thanks Cynthia, thanks Beau!

More information: www.hikingmadrid.com, also in Facebook named “Hiking in The Community of Madrid / Senderismo en La Comunidad de Madrid“.

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3 Responses to Take a Hike in Madrid

  1. beau says:

    thanks Maria!! It’s great and we appreciate it! Will post on FB!

  2. Hanri says:

    This is the true province of Madrid with beautiful landscapes and mountains where one can breath fresh mountain air. Also, everyone can take part in rock climbing in many places such as La Pedriza. Hill walking, horse-trekking and mountain-biking are well catered for some of the country-parks that you mentioned.
    For me, La Pedriza is a magic place. The huge mass of rocks and intricate water courses invites to spend the day.
    Really nice post María.

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